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In Rhode Montijo's first published children's book, a lonely cloud boy sculpts a butterfly out of a cloud after being inspired by a floating butterfly. Discover who sculpts the shapes in the clouds that we see. A story about sharing and connecting with art.
From School Library Journal
"A short and slight allegory. A lonely cloud boy lives high up in the sky by himself. One day, a butterfly passes by and gives him a great idea. He fashions a butterfly from a fluffy cloud nearby and sends it off for others to see. Looking down at the earth, Cloud Boy sees even more wonderful things and begins to create things both large and small from the clouds around him-boats, rabbits, birds, fish, cats, flowers, and snowmen. He then realizes that he will never be lonely again as the children below enjoy his artistic creations. One or two phrases of text accompany each page. The story suggests that the artist, working alone, connects to other people through his art, bringing joy to his life and theirs. Montijo uses charcoal in the highlights and shadows, along with white, gray, and blue paint and ink to illustrate his tale." (PreSchool-Grade 2)

A read-aloud story written in cowboy lingo about a legendary masked hero and his trusty steed. When Halloween is in danger from ruthless toilet paper–tossing mummies and pumpkin-sucking vampires and Goodie-Goblins folks call on the mysterious masked defender of Halloween!

From Book List:
"When tricks interfere with treats on a suburban street, it’s up to the Halloween Kid to save the night. With his trusty stick horse, mysterious Lone Ranger mask, and contagious catchphrase, “Yee-Ha-lloween!” he is able to foil TP-crazy mummies, pumpkin-sucking vampires, and tropical werewolves. Then some Goodie Goblins come to town and threaten the very existence of the holiday. It’s the Kid himself who needs saving, and the neighborhood teams up to do just that, proving that even heroes can use some help now and then. The orange, yellow, and black digitally-enhanced art sets the 1950s-flavored scene, and the cowboy lingo adds even more fun in its celebration of “good ol’-fashioned dressin’ up and gettin’ some sweet eats.” This western-themed romp is a sure winner for sharing aloud at Halloween." (Preschool-Grade 2)
-School Library Journal's Top 10 Latino-themed books of 2013
-Sequoyah Children's Book Award 2016
Gabby Gomez loves bubble gum. She'll chew it anywhere, but one day she blows a bubble that's too big and accidentally transforms herself into a sticky, bubble-gummy superhero! With her new powers she can stretch to catch runaway criminals and stick to walls unseen. Bad guys will tremble at her name but citizens will cheer for GUM GIRL!
"Perfectly paced and bursting with laughs..."Kirkus

With her new powers, Gabby Gomez is living a dual life. Keeping her Gum Girl heroics a secret from her parents is not easy. Maybe it's time to come clean? But there's a new villain in town, and the city needs her! 

Get ready for more flavored-packed action as Gum Girl takes on a devious chef who's cooking up evil plans. It's another exciting adventure with the ever-elastic, super-stretchy superhero, Gum Girl!

"...a welcome[d] addition to the ranks of early-elementary superkids."BCCB

Book 3 POPPED STAR  Coming April 2018

Gabby Gomez knows she needs to come clean with her family about her secret identity. But just as she works up the courage, trouble pops up again as Ninja-Rina twirls onto the scene! Has Gum Girl finally met her match? Is Ninja-Rina tutu much to handle?

Buckle up for more flavored-packed action as Gum Girl takes on someone a little more her size. It's another exciting adventure with the ever-elastic, super-stretchy superhero, Gum Girl!


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