Book: Pablo's Inferno Comic Book Set (#2-#5) BACK IN STOCK!

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Back in stock! Read the books that started it all! Awarded the Xeric Grant in 1999, Pablo's Inferno was Rhode Montijo's first comic book series made with love about a cute little boy's descent into H-E- double L! Young Pablo has an adventure through the afterlife featuring the spirit world of Mexico, Aztec Vampires, Coyote people and undead Mexican Wrestlers! 

NOTE: Issue #1 is sold out, so this is an incomplete set, BUT you will receive a xeroxed copy of Issue #1 to complete the story.

Due to the subject matter ( a boy involved in a hit-and-run accident in the first issue), this series is not recommended for young children.

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Here's a peek at some of the interior pages:

Sample page from book #3

Sample page from Book #4


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